Welcome to the Gate Realm

Greetings, and welcome to the Gate Realm.  Here you have the choice of entering three different Worlds of Magic and Wonder.   There is the First World, an ancient dying world of Dragons and Swanmays.  Markin, home of the Dragon Smarellren, Witch-Warriors and the Macx.  And Saivryth, an ancient world that is over 800,000 years old going by the last known record of the history of this world. Each world has an ancient history filled with daring heroics and epic tragedies. The balance between the three spheres, Good, Evil and Neutrality are always precarious in position on these three worlds  Any thing and everything could happen here.  Follow the paths behind the Gates to these worlds, enjoy and have fun..... 


Enter this Gate for The First World

Enter this Gate for Markin

Enter this Gate for Saivryth

Saivryth now has an on going blog that can be found here....


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