Druid Cleric Spells

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Zero Level Spells

Create Water

Guidance Purify Food and Drink

Cure Minor Wounds

Know Direction Putrefy Food and Drink

Detect Magic

Light Read Magic

Detect Poison

Mending Resistance
Flare Pet Cemetery Virtue

First Level Spells

Animal Friendship

Anti-Vermin Barrier

Bad Berry
Calm Animals Cure Light Wounds

Detect Plants or Animals

Detect Snares and Pits

Eagle Eyes

Endure Elements


Faerie Fire


Inflict Light Wounds

Invisibility to Animals

Keen Ear

Log of Everburning

Lucius' Rustling Leaves

Magic Fang

Magic Stone

Obscuring Mist

Pass Without Trace

Remove Fear


Summon Nature's Ally I
Wall of Fog Web Walking  

Second Level Spells

Animal Messenger Animal Trance Bark Skin
Bleed Blessing Bull Strength
Chameleon Skin Charm Person or Animal Chill Metal
Clear Vision Cure Moderate Wounds Darkness
Delay Poison Enthrall Fire Trap
Flame Blade Flaming Sphere Fleet Feet
Gentle Repose Heat Metal Hold Animal
 Hold Person Lesser Restoration Minor Spell Shield
Produce Flame Resist Elements Shatter
Silence Soften Earth and Stone Sound Blast
Speak With Animals Straighten Wood Summon Monster II
Summon Nature Ally II Summon Swarm Tree Shape
Undetectable Alignment Warp Wood Wood Shape

Third Level Spells

Daylight Animate Dead Battle's Rage
Speak With Plants Bestow Curse Blindness/Deafness
Clairaudience/Clairvoyance Contagion Continual Flame
Create Food and Water Cure Serious Wounds Daylight
Protection from Elements Deeper Darkness Dispel Magic
Glyph of Warding Heal Mount Dominate Animal
Inflict Serious Wound Invisibility Purge Helping Hand
Locate Object Magic Circle Against Chaos Magic Circle against Evil
Magic Circle Against Good Magic Circle Against Law Magic Vestment
Major Blessing Mantle of unassailable Flame Mark of Thralldom
Meld into Stone Negative Energy Protection Obscure Object
Plant Growth Prayer Protection from Elements
Remove Blindness/Deafness Remove Curse Remove Disease
Searing Light Speak with Dead Stone Shape
Summon Monster III Water Breathing Water Walk
Wind Wall Call Lightning Diminish Plants
Poison Greater Magic Fang Scrying
Snare Spike Growth Summon Nature's Ally III

Fourth Level Spells

Control Plants Discern Lies Skin Walking
Air Walk Greater Magic Weapon Neutralize Poison
Stone Lore Tongues Rumor of the Earth
Beltine's Blessed Strike Charnel Blight Control Water

Fifth Level Spells


Sixth Level Spells


Seventh Level Spells

  Wind Walk  

Eighth Level Spells


Ninth Level Spells


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