Name : Moryn Venator
Race/Sex : Hordeling (Black wings) - Male
Alignment : Lawful Good
Classes :  Paladin (Solarin)-Cavalier (Xeryka)
Homeland : Safe Haven
Marital Status : Married
Spouse : Xeryka Korlien Desrell
Eyes : Grey
Hair : Black
Height/Weight : 6'1" - 221
Age : 17
Children : 2
Goddesses Xeryka and Solarin (Justice Sphere)

Flame Tongue (+1 flaming long sword, 1d8 19-20/x2 1d6 flame damage, 1d10 fire damage on crit)


Earl of Alryth

Champion of Solarin, Goddess of Justice


Children : Elloryn Venator

Elarith Venator

Father : Griff Venator
Mother : Lizdra Kesslyn
Brother: Eldyn Venator (Twin)


Level 7   HP 115
Strength 17 3 Fortitude 10
Dexterity 17 3 Reflex 3
Constitution 21 5 Will 4
Intelligence 17 3 Initiative 7
Wisdom 14 2 Armor Class 17
Charisma 16 3 Melee Attack 10/5
Comeliness 22 6 Range Attack 10/5
Curiosity 12 1 Unarmed Attack 10/5

 +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects.


Combat Reflex

Combat Expertise

Power Attack

Weapons Focus

Improve Initiative

Armor Proficiency


Skill Focus

Spell Focus


Favored Child

Enhanced Spell Like Abilities



Aura of Good

Detect Evil

Smite Evil 2/Day

Divine Grace

Laying on Hands

Aura of Courage

Divine Health

Turn Undead

Special Mount

Remove Disease 1/week



Ability Skill Mod Ability Mod Ranks Mis Mod
Balance Dex 5 3 2  
Bluff Cha 7 3 2 2
Concentration Con 10 5 3 2
Craft (Mage Smith) Int 5 3 2  
Diplomacy Cha 5 3 3  
Handle Animal Cha 5 3 2  
Heal Wis 9 2 2 3
Intimidate Cha 6 3 3  
Knowledge (Arcana) Int 6 3 3  
Knowledge (History) Int 6 3 3  
Knowledge (Planes) Int 5 3 2  
Knowledge (Religion) Int 6 3 3  
Listen Wis 6 2 2 2
Ride Dex 7 3 6 -2
Search Int 7 3 2 2
Sense Motive Wis 4 2 2  
Spellcraft Int 7 3 2 2
Spot Wis 6 2 2 2
Swim Str 5 3 2  
Tumble Dex 5 3 2  


Moryn Venator is the next to youngest son of Griff Venator and his wife Lizdra Kesslyn. His twin brother is Eldyn Venator, one of three Heirs to King Morgan DeMar of Aesys. As a babe, Moryn developed an attachment to Xeryka Korlien Desrell, Demi Goddess of Justice that with time became the true bond that happens between a Hordeling and the one he or she loves.

In typical Horde fashion, Moryn made a mess of things when Fevrin Deskill, Demi God of Revenge went to court Xeryka. Angry that his Xeryka was being pestered by Fevrin, Moryn tried to age himself and his brother Eldyn to defend her from Fevrin's attentions. One day they were two years old and the next thing his parents knew they were four. At this point Griff and Lizdra were visited by a young man who took steps to stop Moryn from making himself any older than he already was. This was when his parents realized that Moryn's attachment to Xeryka was more than a child fascinated by a goddess. Illystrin Ornalithan, Demi Gate Keeper offered a way for Xeryka and Moryn to be protected from Fevrin's attentions. She had a pocket of the Gate Realm shaped into a bolt hole that would keep Xeryka safe until Moryn was older. Much to Griff's and Moryn' dismay, Xeryka agreed to be locked away in it. It was at this time that Falys Frassah, Elemental of Time took an interest in Moryn and took it upon himself to protect Moryn as best as he could. This is when Moryn started serving Falys.

Irritated that he could not see his lady, Moryn started getting out of control, temper and power wise, which was drawing the attention of Fevrin and his allies among the Dark Gods. To protect Moryn even further, Griff asked one of his other sons, Harrys Venator to become Moryn's guardian, protector and teacher. As Harrys was an Arch Mage and they were tasked with taking an interest in those that had strong power, he agreed. One of the first things Harrys did was to start Moryn in the same specialized training that he went through as a child to become an Arch Mage. He figured it was the best way to keep his brother too busy to worry about Xeryka's imprisonment. Moryn found himself taking lessons from the same teachers that taught Harrys, this included a Mystical Fighting style taught by Kyrie McLyre, wife of Phedrin Askeric, Champion of Adamus God of War. Despite all his training in Mystic Fighting, the lessons in Ethics with his Grandfather Whren, and other lessons that Harrys gave him, the one thing Moryn could not control was his temper and his anger. On one of his many trips to see Kyrie for lessons, Phedrin saw that Moryn had all the makings of a Berserker. Recognizing this, Phedrin added himself as a weapons teacher to Moryn's list of trainers. As Moryn got older he developed a talent for Mage Smithing, which his father was more than thrilled to train and encourage.

Eventually, Moryn was enrolled at the Temple Hall in Safe Haven as an acolyte. This is when Solarin realized his potential, and claimed him as one of her priests in training. She soon realized he could be more than one of her priests, and Moryn was soon assigned as a paladin in training. He spent time traveling with his grandfather Peryn Venator between the Paladin Hall in Safe Haven and the Paladin training grounds in Halwyk learning more sword fighting and what it meant to be one of Solarin's Paladins. When he turned fifteen, Solarin's current champion Lady Vriska Thalsan stepped down and at his goddess' encouragement, Moryn took the champion sword, making him Solarin's Champion.

One of the first assignments Solarin gave her champion was to root out some of the corrupted Paladins in her order. This is when Moryn's cousin, Prince Noryn Shalnar made Moryn aware of the activities of Wrendyl Ornalithan, who was twisting members of King Nairyck's court. They decided to tag team their efforts and worked together to see just how much damage Wrendyl had done both to King Nairyck's nobles and to the Paladins in service to Solarin. Noryn went to visit his brother Prince Aeryk over in Halwyk, while Moryn concentrated on the Paladins that he found that had no calling for true Justice. Once he cleaned out the False Paladins of Solarin, he went to Malyk Ortrein, who was in charge of Xeryka's Paladins and the two of them cleaned out the false Paladins that served Xeryka as well.

During his wanderings, Moryn found his way to Aesys, where he helped King Morgan DeMar stop the resurrection of Talya Uthel. She had been the Demi Goddess of Hatred, but the bastard son of Eltris, the former king of Aesys was going to resurrect her as the Demi Goddess of Hell. With the help of several champions he was able to stop this and set in motion through Lhyzzin Tahthian, Goddess of Birth, the birth of a new Demi Goddess of Hell. He had barely returned home to rest when he was summoned to the kingdom of Welkar by Illystrin's First Paladin, Serris Altana, to carry out justice against Welkar's king for his cruelties. When he finally returned home, his nephew Telinor Vesselyn was placed in his care to train and protect as he had been trained and protected by his brother Harrys. This was when he realized his beloved Xeryka had only a few more months to go on her imprisonment. He tried his best to keep this information to himself, as he did not want to upset Xeryka. To distract himself, he took on Telinor's training with a vengeance and tried his best to keep himself busy so he couldn't think about what might happen when Xeryka was finally free.

He was camping with Telinor on a small island off the coast of Halwyk, when Falys sent him back in time to rescue his father, who at one point had disappeared back in time. Griff had been sent back to a time before the creation of Safe Haven and it was thought by the sending Griff back, it would prevent Safe Haven from being made into a kingdom. This didn't go exactly as Yarsrin Uthel, Demi God of Trickery had planned and instead of stopping Safe Haven from being formed, it actually did the opposite and set in motion the creation of Safe Haven as a kingdom. Once Moryn got his father back to his proper place in time, Falys had to send him back in time again. This is when Moryn learned that he was the Hordeling that stopped himself from growing up to save Xeryka from Fevrin. When he had finished this task, he returned back to the camping trip with Telinor to find the remains of Talya waiting for him. She had been resurrected by a Rakshasha, and had escaped. She had found Moryn, and was offering herself as a willing sacrifice to free Xeryka from her imprisonment. While trying to free Xeryka, Moryn was devastated to find that he was the original reason for Xeryka being locked away. Once they were reunited, Xeryka had to reassure Moryn that she still loved him.

The day after Xeryka's release, while at his father's home, Moryn and Xeryka were confronted by a very annoyed Kiasa Kislaran, Lady Lhyzzin's Champion. Knowing the nature of Lady Lhyzzin and the fact that she was Xeryka's mother, he knew exactly what he and Xeryka had done. He immediately brought Xeryka to the Temple in Safe Haven where her parents, Lhyzzin and Jayhdas, God of Judgment resided. There in front of her parents and his, Moryn was married to his beloved. It was after this that he informed his parents, that Xeryka was pregnant and took her home.

Unbeknownst to Moryn, some of Solarin's more hidebound and troublesome Paladins had been sent to Aesys. There had been a call for Paladins to go to Aesys to assist King Morgan in restoring order in his kingdom. But when the Paladins got to Aesys they had taken it upon themselves to start a rebellion against King Morgan, as he was also the Champion to Elethya the Queen of Hell. In the aftermath of freeing Xeryka, Moryn was sent back to Aesys to find the Paladins and stop them. With the help of his father, and a few other champions, Kalaine and his cronies were found and the threat to King Morgan's kingdom was neutralized.

Moryn's anger at his Paladins being used by the Demi Goddess of Heaven against King Morgan, got the better of him, and he demanded justice from Saidryn Ornalithan, Lord of the gods for Illdrys' actions. She had attempted to use Solarin's paladins to remove King Morgan from his throne. Saidryn was angered by this attempt to corrupt the followers of another god of light by the Demi Goddess of Heaven. So he called a Moot of the Gods to sort the matter out. It was while at this Moot that Moryn met a young Hordeling named Elloryn, who was serving as Lord Falys' Champion. It amused Moryn no end to learn that Elloryn was actually one of the sons, that Xeryka was currently pregnant with.

Moryn is considered to be one of the favorite uncles by the younger generation of Horde grandchildren. He is also considered to be one of the family psychos, due to his berserker nature.

Recently, at the insistence of his brother, Eldyn, Moryn was knighted and made Earl of Alryth by his uncle, King Nairyck Shalnar of Safe Haven.