Racial Traits



AC Bonus +3

Skill Points

3x4 +Int Weapon Focus Long Sword
Base speed: Land 30

Hit Dice

3D10 Attack Bonus 2/1    

















+2 Fortitude +4 Reflex +3 Will +4
Bluff +2 Concentration +2 Heal +2 Knowledge Arcane  +2 
 +4  Listen +2 Ride -2 Search +2
Spellcraft +4 Spot +2        



Hordelings are considered to be children of Chaos, due to the fact that they can trace their lineage back to Ninrath Dorain, God of Chaos.   They all acknowledge Ninrath as their grandfather. Recently, they have officially been acknowledged as an actual race.  Their features are a mixture of Drow, elven and human. Depending on which wife/lover of Ninrath a hordeling is descended from, a hordeling more than likely has a pair of bird like wings on their backs.  If they are descended from Kaina Rose Prynni, then the wings are more than likely going to be dove grey in color.  If the hordeling is descended from Khirah Ascall, then the wings are more than likely going to be black in color.  The wings of a Hordeling are their curse, due to the fact that they are very sensitive to the touch as a form of sexual stimulation, so they are very protective of their wings and have developed the ability to cloak their wings.  Until a Hordeling bonds with their chosen life partner any person touching the wings, can cause this effect on a Hordeling.  Once they bond to their chosen life partner, only that partner has that effect. There have been some instances of hordelings not having wings, but they are very rare. Like most of those with Gods Blood, they are very open to the Gods manipulating and shaping them.  Due to a shaping of Khirah Ascall, she no longer has the ability to speak verbally.  This trait has passed down to all her daughters and on to their daughters as well.  Due to the manipulation of both Kaina and Khirah by their father Ghrannys Lithar, one of the Demi Gods of Greed, hordeling women when they give birth tend towards giving birth to twins. A Hordeling tends to be rather chaotic in their nature.

You can find most hordelings living in the Kingdom of Safe Haven on the continent of Dhenthal, but they can be found wandering the world as adventurers, mercenaries and merchants.  Hordelings tend to be champions to some of the more active Gods and Demi Gods.


Hordelings love to fight, a few of them even have been known to develop a berserker type nature.  Women Hordelings have been known to be some of the toughest fighters that picked up a weapon.  Hordeling Men are no slouch in regards to fighting either, but they tend to follow the fighter/mage type classes. 

Racial Abilities

+2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects.
Armor Proficiency, Endurance, Skill Focus, Spell Focus, Toughness, Favored Child +1 hit point per level, enhanced spell like abilities
Automatic Languages: Human, Elven and Drow.


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