Name : Illystrin Ornalithan, Demi Gate Keeper, Goddess of the Mercenaries
Race : Human / God
Sex : Female
Alignment : True Neutral
Class : Mercenary / Goddess
Homeland : Celestial Realm
Marital Status : Married
Spouse : Echros Trisalar
Eyes : Amber
Hair : Sandy Blond
Height : 6'
Weight : 159
Age : 79
Children : Chynella Trisalar, Warnell Trisalar
  Garb : Dark Brown Doublet, Grey Shirt
           Dark Brown Breeches, Black Half Books



Level     HP  
Strength     Fortitude  
Dexterity     Reflex  
Constitution     Will  
Intelligence     Initiative  
Wisdom     Armor Class  
Charisma     Melee Attack  
Comeliness     Range Attack  
Curiosity     Unarmed Attack  




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Daughter of Saidryn Ornalithan and his Outlander Goddess Elanya, Illystrin is 6 feet in height, roughly 159 pounds, with sandy blond hair and amber eyes. Illystrin is considered to be a young goddess, as she is less than 100 years old, but she has managed to make a strong impact in the World of Saivryth. At a young age, she took an interest in the Mercenary Guild and it's various Mercenary Companies. She convinced Elyn Thalsan, half god son of Ivren Thalsan, God of Greed to give her lessons in weapons work and much to her father's amusement made Elyn her Champion. With Elyn's help she convinced the Mercenary Guild to take her on as their chosen Goddess. At first the Guild was reluctant, but eventually she prevailed and she is commonly referred to as the Merc Goddess.

She delights in the exploits of the Mercenary Companies and through them she acquired an attachment to Echros Trisalar, God of Forging. Together they have taken a small group of mages, who have developed the magic arts in forging weapons and magic items under their protection. And it is pretty much understood that these Mage Smiths belong to Echros and Illystrin.

Echros enjoyed Illystrin's company so much that eventually he asked her to be his wife. They have two children, Chynella Trisalar, Demi Goddess of Fate and Warnell Trisalar, Demi Shadow Moon.

Illystrin absolutely adores her adopted sister Kiasa Kislaran, although she does on occasion indulge in moments of sibling rivalry with her. One of their more memorable moments of sibling rivalry involved Serris Altana. Serris was a young elven girl that Kiasa had taken in and trained in the arts of Healing and Midwifery. Much to Kiasa's annoyance, Illystrin took an interest in Serris too and proceeded to claim Serris as one of her few priests, and eventually made Serris her First Paladin.

Illystrin chose as her first Priestess, Karly Venator, one of the many daughters of Griff Venator and his wife Lizdra. She takes just as much delight in her Mercenary Companies as she does in her Mercenary Priests. She has blessed her priests and paladins with the ability to use Gates and Portals, as her role as Demi Gate Keeper. She also has chosen three Mercenary Lords as her Battle Lords and have given them authority to command her Mercenary Companies when Elyn, Serris or Karly are unavailable. Her three Battle Lords are Captain Keric Dorsis, Rhennin Askeric and Khorryn Prynni.