Name : Kiasa Kislaran
Race : Human / Half Goddess
Sex : Female
Alignment : Lawful Good
Class : Healer/Goddess
Homeland : Celestial Realm
Marital Status : Married
Spouse : Khoral Prynni
Eyes : Amber
Hair : Sandy Blond
Height : 5'7"
Weight : 135
Age :  
Children : That's a huge family


Champion of Lhyzzin Tahthian, Goddess of Birth


Garb :  Light Green Surcoat, Dark Green Under dress, Black Half Books



Level     HP  
Strength     Fortitude  
Dexterity     Reflex  
Constitution     Will  
Intelligence     Initiative  
Wisdom     Armor Class  
Charisma     Melee Attack  
Comeliness     Range Attack  
Curiosity     Unarmed Attack  




Ability Skill Mod Ability Mod Ranks



Kiasa Kislaran is the adopted daughter of Saidryn Ornalithan and the Outlander Spirit Goddess Elanya. She is 5 foot 7 inches in height, roughly 135 pounds, with sandy blond hair and amber eyes. Her mother Chishanna was tricked into believing that Pervis Ornalithan was really Saidryn and shared Pervis' bed. When Kiasa was born, Pervis tried to use her as a means to break Saidryn and Elanya up by claiming that Saidryn was unfaithful to Elanya.

While Pervis was proven a liar in the situation, to keep the peace Saidryn adopted Kiasa as his daughter and helped Elanya to raise her. They took great delight in their little half goddess and saw to it that she had every thing she could ever want. She was their joy and delight.

Eventually, Kiasa developed an attachment to Lhyzzin, Goddess of Birth and became her Champion and chief midwife. It is said that Kiasa is one of the few fully trained Half Gods. While she was training as a midwife, she met and became best friends with Krissin, one of Ninrath's many daughters. Krissin, encouraged Kiasa to meet her brother Khoral. The two soon became inseparable, to the point where Kiasa had convinced him to come stay with her in her father's home in the Gate Realm.

When Saidryn found out that they were a couple he took young Khoral in hand and offered him a chance to serve as his champion. Just as Khoral was going to propose to Kiasa, his brother Dherryn had broken into Saidryn's home and kidnapped Kiasa. He took her to an area in the god plain that had belonged to Zehna, the former Alpha Balance and Goddess of Shadows. It turned out that while working for his father, NInrath, he had disturbed the remains of Zehna's spirit and she had possessed him and forced him to take Kiasa. With the help of Rhoryn, Khoral's twin brother, Saidryn and Khoral were able to get Kiasa back, but not before Dherryn had tortured her. Kiasa eventually healed up and recovered from her ordeal and married Khoral.

As Champion to the Goddess of Birth, Kiasa took her duties very seriously, including giving birth several times over to a large family of children. She and Khoral have taken a great delight in their many children and grandchildren over the years. Kiasa has also taken in several young ladies and helped to establish them as healers and midwives. One of her favorite charges is a young elven girl named Serris, who much to Kiasa's delight married Kiasa's son Larrick.

While Kiasa loves her sister Illystrin, she has always been reluctant to admit to any other siblings from Pervis until recently. She is slowly reconciling herself to the fact that Zerytha Amber Ornalithan, Queen of Aesys is her sister, as well as Zerytha's sister Michara.

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