Name : Nairyck Shalnar
Race/Sex : Half God - Male
Alignment : Lawful Neutral
Classes : Sovereign Mage
Homeland : Safe Haven
Marital Status : Married
Spouse : Aerys Kesslyn
Eyes : Amber
Hair : White
Height/Weight : 5' 11"
Age : 560
Children : 12
Goddesses Lashanna Kortalis, Goddess of Magic, Illystrin Ornalithan, Demi Gate Keeper


King of Safe Haven

Prince of Cerdrinal


Children : Aeryk/Nairys
Siblings : Zian Shalnar, (Half Brother),

 Myshalla Maltrees, (Twin Sister)

Irainin Shalnar, (Brother)

Cousin : Khonal Altha

Tya Altha

Father : Shallan Shalnar, God of the Shadow Moon
Mother : Merdressa Maltrees



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Strength     Fortitude  
Dexterity     Reflex  
Constitution     Will  
Intelligence     Initiative  
Wisdom     Armor Class  
Charisma     Melee Attack  
Comeliness     Range Attack  
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Son of Merdressa Maltrees and Shallan Shalnar, God of the Shadow Moon. As his twin sister, Myshalla, was his mother's heir to the throne of Cerdrinal, Nairyck spent most of his time learning magic theory from his Grandfather Mihnal Maltrees. While Nairyck never showed any potential as an Arch Mage, he spent a lot of time with them in his scholarly pursuits. One of the magic studies that he found most interesting was his mother's attachment to the energies of Cerdrinal as a Sovereign Mage. It soon became an obsession to him, and he taught himself all the various aspects of being a Sovereign Mage.

One day while relaxing in the garden at his mother's castle, he was approached by two Hordelings, Khoral Prynni and Griff Venator. They presented him with an opportunity to rule his own kingdom. Griff handed him a map of a Kingdom of Safe Haven, which did not exist yet. It was suggested that he travel down to a small town called Dhallun and build a kingdom out of it. Faced with a life of being a hanger on at his mother's Court which would eventually be his sister's court, Nairyck considered the idea.

Nairyck soon decided to go for the idea of his own kingdom. He started out on a tour of the various royal courts on his way down to Dhallun. As he traveled he gained an idea of what he wanted to do as a ruler of his own kingdom. One of the things that made a large impression on him as he traveled was the conditions of those that lived a life of slavery. He soon decided that he would not allow any form of Slavery in what would eventually be his kingdom. After a couple of months of travel, he finally reached Dhallun and petitioned the local kingdoms surrounding the town for enough land to form a small client state kingdom. One of the first things Nairyck did once he reached Dhallun was to approach Whren Kesslyn, who is champion of Jayhdas Desrell, God of Judgment to create a code of Laws for his kingdom. While he was at Whren's home, Nairyck met for the first time, Aerys Kesslyn, Whren's two year old daughter.

Nairyck spent the next fourteen years building his kingdom. Once he had a manor house to his liking built, he picked a spot in it and created a link to his kingdom, and established himself as a Sovereign Mage King. To his surprise, on her 16th Birthday, Aerys Kesslyn approached him and presented herself as his body guard. She explained to him, that as a King he needed a body guard. Much to Nairyck's annoyance, his court was soon invaded by a contingent of royal princesses seeking to be Nairyck's royal bride. Much to the annoyance of several royal ambassadors and their princesses, Nairyck soon informed them that he had a marriage agreement with Whren and Myssara Kesslyn to marry their daughter Aerys. The Princesses soon made Aerys' life miserable by continuing to pursue Nairyck as a potential husband. While Nairyck was more than willing to marry Aerys and establish her as his queen, he didn't want to force Aerys into the role of his queen.

Aerys' father, Whren, soon learned of his daughter's distress over how she was being treated by the visiting princesses. With the help of Aerys' grandfather, Ninrath Dorain, the God of Chaos and Shallan, Nairyck's father, Nairyck and his body guard were soon married. Life settled down for Nairyck and his wild Hordeling wife. They were married for a little over two years, when an army was sent to take down and destroy Safe Haven. Nairyck called on his allies among the half gods, most of whom were members of the Horde and were children or grandchildren of Ninrath to help protect his kingdom. The first army to invade consisted of a large contingent of Half Gods. The half gods got to the border of Safe Haven and were presented with a delegation that t informed them of what exactly they were destroying. The Half Gods, realizing that they were going to destroy the only refuge they had from their lives as slaves, offered themselves as warriors in support of Safe Haven. The second army to attempt to invade Safe Haven, consisted of hired Mercenaries from the Guild. Once again, Nairyck sent a delegation to the leaders of the army and offered them an opportunity to establish a safe base of operations for the Guild. As Illystrin Ornalithan, Demi Gate Keeper had become the Patron Goddess of the Mercenaries, she encouraged them to take Nairyck's offer. The third army that approached was made of up of regular soldiers, which turned back at the border when they were faced with a united front of Half Gods and Mercenaries protecting Safe Haven. Soon after the Guild had taken residence in Safe Haven, Nairyck announced that his queen was pregnant with their first child.

A couple of months after the aborted invasion of Safe Haven, a young human appeared at Nairyck's court. To Nairyck's amazement, he recognized him as the Hordeling Griff Venator, that had given him the map of Safe Haven. Unsure about what had happened, Nairyck kept the information about Griff giving him the map to himself. He was soon distracted by the birth of his twin sons, Aeryk and Nairys.

Nairyck found ruling his little kingdom to be a true challenge, with lots of moments of pleasure as he rewarded those that helped him to rule wisely. One of the individuals he enjoyed rewarding for his hard work was Griff Venator. The two of them worked as a great team making Nairyck's dreams for Safe Haven come true.

As Nairyck got more comfortable ruling his little kingdom, he managed to extend the borders of his kingdom. He was approached by King Jhessic of Halwyk on the western border of Safe Haven to form an alliance. Jhessic wished to marry his granddaughter, Fiona to Nairyck's eldest son Aeryk as part of the alliance. As much as it hurt Nairyck to consider such an alliance, he sent Griff and his wife Lizdra to discuss the alliance. Jhessic soon learned that there were those at his court that did not care for the alliance. Elements at Jhessic's court made an alliance with the King of Chellyn and had both Nairyck's son Aeryk and Jhessic's granddaughter Fiona kidnapped trying to sabotage the beginning alliance between Jhessic and Nairyck. Through the skills of Griff and Queen Aerys, the children were returned, and the alliance was secured.

One of the more fun moments for Nairyck as king, has been the knighting ceremonies during the Harvest Festival. He has enjoyed knighting the young men and women that have been trained by Griff to serve Safe Haven and its King. While the ceremonies have never gone completely as Nairyck and Griff planned, there has never been a moment when Nairyck has regretted knighting any of those that serve him.

Nairyck and Aerys had many children over the years, besides Aeryk and Nairys. They are Meric, Ezryn, Valia, Eleene, Carys, Noryn, Taris, Aerissa, Nehlyn and Erowyn. Each of his children have managed to do their own thing, and yet still contribute to improving Safe Haven. Nairyck tends to joke about the day that he will hand Safe Haven over to Aeryk and Fiona, but he always has one more thing he wants to put in order. He has taken great pride in the accomplishments that his children and grandchildren have made over the years. He has also taken great pride in his friendship with Griff. While vesting his Granddaughter Aeryka for her wedding to King Zolan of Mezdar, Nairyck and Griff indulged in a small bit of foolishness and swore a blood brother bond between them.

Currently, Nairyck and his wife Aerys are enjoying some quiet time in Safe Haven.