Name : Saidryn Ornalithan, Gate Keeper, Lord of the Gods
Race : Human / God
Sex : Male
Alignment : True Neutral
Class : Thief-Mercenary / God
Homeland : Celestial Realm
Marital Status : Married
Spouse : Elanya of Elanythia
Eyes : Amber
Hair : Sandy Blond
Height : 6'
Weight : 185
Age : 20 / 6509
Children : Illystrin Ornalithan, Elilah Ornalithan, Kiasa Kislaran (adopted)
  Garb : Dark Brown Doublet, Grey Shirt
           Dark Brown Breeches, Black Half Books



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Strength     Fortitude  
Dexterity     Reflex  
Constitution     Will  
Intelligence     Initiative  
Wisdom     Armor Class  
Charisma     Melee Attack  
Comeliness     Range Attack  
Curiosity     Unarmed Attack  




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Saidryn is roughly 7,000 years old give or take a few years. He is described as being 6 feet in height, roughly 185 pounds. His hair is sandy blond in color, with amber colored eyes. He has four siblings, two sisters and two brothers. Both of his brothers, Pervis and Merkros are dead. His two sisters are Kurral Ornalithan, the Alpha Balance and Nya Ornalithan, the Spirit Elemental. His father is Nazeth Ornalithan, the Omega Balance.

He is married to an Outlander Goddess named Elanya, from Elanythia, which is one of the Outer Worlds in the Gate Realm. They have two children, Illystrin, Demi Gate Keeper and Elilah, Demi Goddess of the Harvest. They also have an adopted daughter, Kiasa Kislaran.

For many years, Saidryn thought that Zehna Frassah, the late Alpha Balance, was his mother. In actuality, it turned out that Lashanna, Goddess of Magic was really his mother. He found this out about the time that Ninrath Dorain, God of Chaos, claimed Zehna as an evil goddess and placed her in the role of Goddess of Shadows.

Over the years, Saidryn has developed an odd friendship with Ninrath. Even to the point of sharing a few adventures together. In one of their adventures, it is said that they managed to level part of a mountain range, while traveling through the Elven kingdom of Tiallia. This is also about the same time that it is said that they banded together a group of free lance fighters and formed what is known as the Mercenary Guild today.

As the Gate Keeper, Saidryn is in charge of the Void, which is the God Prison. it was placed in his care when he became keeper of the Gates, thus making him a God Slayer. He commonly refers to the Void as the Closet.

He acquired his wife, through the machinations of Ninrath. A call was sent out from Elanythia to see if there were any eligible bachelor gods in the Gate Realm that would be interested in a relationship with Elanythia's Spirit Goddess Elanya. The sons of Elethya, Queen of Hell, Terriz and Fedrith Scelflyn tried to sneak past Saidryn into the Gate Realm to try their chances at gaining access to Elanya. Ninrath let it be known that the two sons of Elethya had wandered off, and Saidryn followed them to see exactly what they were intending to do. While he was keeping track of Terriz and Fedrith activities, he met and fell in love with Elanya. He managed to charm his way into her heart and asked her to be his wife.

Pervis, who at the time was Demi Omega Balance, was jealous of the relationship of Saidryn and Elanya. He tried to create dissention among the gods, by claiming that Saidryn was unfaithful to Elanya and had gotten a human woman Chishanna Kislaran pregnant. It turned out that what had happened was that Pervis had told Chishanna that he was Saidryn and convinced her to share his bed. She gave birth to a daughter named Kiasa. To keep the peace, Saidryn took Kiasa in and presented her to Elanya as their adopted daughter. Eventually, Saidryn and Elanya did have a daughter, Illystrin, the Demi Gate Keeper and many years later another daughter Elilah, who is the Demi Goddess of the Harvest.

Much to Ninrath's amusement, Kiasa developed an attachment to one of his many sons, Khoral Prynni. Saidryn decided to give the lad a chance at being able to take care of his daughter and offered Khoral the position of Champion. For many years Khoral did his best to take care of Kiasa and balance his duties to his father in law. Eventually he stepped down to retire and enjoy life with Kiasa. He turned over his duties to his daughter, Serica.

Serica, while she tried her best to fulfill her father's duties, her heart really wasn't in it. She approached Saidryn and requested to step down as his Champion. Saidryn reluctantly agreed, but did manage to convince her to stay in the gate realm and to help him keep track of the various gates. Recently, Saidryn asked Khoral to come back as Champion, to which Khoral agreed.