Rise of Ninrath Dorain, God of Chaos

    He knelt on the floor, his head leaning against the pommel of his sword. He barely felt the aches and pains of his wounds. He opened his eyes, slowly focusing on the trail of dripping blood along the blade of his sword.

    The slight movement of the chest of his victim caught his attention. His hand slowly shook as he checked the body for a pulse.

    "You did well, Boy."

    "He still lives, Milord," he whispered softly.

    "Fool! Finish the job. Kill him."

    "But Milord..." he protested.

    "That's an order, Ninrath!"

    "Goodbye Silvin," Ninrath whispered, as he snapped the neck of his victim. He flinched at the rough sound of the chuckle behind him.

    "So much for the Gate Keeper. Clean this mess up, Ninrath."

    "Yes Milord." He waited until his lord had left, then leaned his head against his sword again. "Some day I will kill him," he growled.

    He reached down to the blood pooled on the floor and smeared it all over the palm of his hand. He then very carefully wiped his hand along the edge of his sword, coating it with his blood and the blood of his victim. His brown eyes gleamed in satisfaction as he felt the power now radiating from his sword. "I promise you Silvin, Walrin, Lord of Chaos, will die. You will be avenged and I will never be used like this again." Slowly, Ninrath stood up, sheathing his sword. Very gently, he picked up the battered body of his victim, carrying it out of the garden into the building before him. He paused in the doorway and looked behind him at the garden. A breeze slowly moved through the trees rustling the leaves. He took a deep breath inhaling the fresh smell from the breeze, then blinked as it blew his hair into his eyes. The sting of pain was slight compared to his other injuries and wounds. He accepted the pain for what it was, a reminder of who he was, Ninrath, Demi God of Chaos, God Slayer. He chuckled humorlessly, "It's a place to start. After all I have to start somewhere."


    Elethya leaned her head on his stomach, watching him, judging his reactions. "So, you killed the Gate Keeper. Nazeth and Zehna are not going to like that."

    Ninrath chuckled, twisting the stem of a rose around his fingers. "So, they don't like it. I wasn't exactly given much of choice. Silvin came after me because Walrin made an alliance with Korvass, and made it look like it was me working the alliance.

    Elethya snorted, "Like you would deal with that filth. You have standards."

    Ninrath chuckled some more, "You are too funny, my dear." He gently brushed her midnight hair back, "I am a God of Chaos. I don't have standards."

    Elethya sat up, still looking at him, "Why not?"

    Ninrath raised an eyebrow, "Why not what?"

    Elethya reached through the curtains of the bed, taking a glass of wine from the tray being held by the slave standing there. "Why not create standards you live by. A code of honor so to speak."

    Ninrath started laughing in earnest.

    Elethya dipped her fingers in the glass and splashed him with the wine, "I'm serious."

    Ninrath shook his head in amusement, his eyes glinting, "My dear Queen of Hell, we are Gods of Evil. There are no standards or codes of honor for us. Honor is for the Gods of Light and Neutrality."

    "Why not?" Elethya repeated. "Vethris and Ivren have a code they live by. Why can't you?"

     Ninrath slowly sat up, looking at his lover searchingly, "Vethris and Ivren are different."

    "How are they different?" she demanded. "They are Gods of Evil, just like you and I."

    "They are Gods of Greed, Elethya. Their followers are Rogues and Thieves, who follow their own code of conduct."

    The Hell Queen grinned, "Exactly. Honor among thieves. Why can't you create something like that for yourself?"

    Ninrath threw his hands up in exasperation, "Because it has never been done before! You are suggesting I bring order to Chaos. There is no way to do that!"

    "Then, think of a way to do so," she said simply.


    She pushed him back down on the bed, pinning him there. "What could be more chaotic?" she whispered in his hear, nuzzling his neck.

    "hmmm...." he sighed, distracted, as he was enjoying what she was doing.

    "Think about it," she whispered.

    Ninrath chuckled, giving in to the inevitable, "Oh very well, I will think about it."

    Elethya stopped what she was doing to grin mischievously at him, "Good."

    "You stopped," Ninrath pouted.

    Elethya laughed as she let her hands wander.


    Ninrath sighed, trying to hide his boredom. He looked around the Great Hall, the decadent elegant splendor of the Hall irritated him today. He was trying to do his best to avoid eye contact with some of the obnoxious followers of Walrin. His lip curled in contempt as another parent offered their infant offspring as a supposed suitable sacrifice for Power. What good is an infant? They are so helpless to the point of being useless for anything but being a glorified pet. He leaned against the pillar next to him, truly bored now.

    "Unholy Lord,"

    He slowly turned his head, contempt on his face, towards the Drow Lord standing next to him. 'What do you want Mortal?" he growled.

    "Lord Walrin...,"

    "Lord Ninrath," he corrected firmly

    The Drow Lord blinked his eyes, staring at Ninrath in confusion, "Excuse me?"

    "You will refer to me as Lord Ninrath. I am not that fanatical creature sitting in the big fancy chair up on the dais. I have decided to be my own person and not a perceived extension of that Creature..."

    The Drow Lord nodded in understanding, "A blunt god, refreshing. I'm impressed."

    Ninrath snorted, frowning at the mortal in front of him, "What do you want, Drow?"

    "What is rightfully mine."

    Ninrath rolled his eyes in irritation at another fool mortal making a play for power, "Wonderful. Listen to me little mortal, I won't help you if you give up the same tiresome paltry offerings all the other desperate fools think are appropriate."

    The Drow Lord pursed his lips speculatively, "And what would you consider appropriate?"

    Ninrath turned his full attention on the Drow Lord, looking him over searchingly, "Are you honestly bargaining with me ... What the Hell is your name any way Mortal?"

    The Drow Lord bowed in a courtly manner, "Sevethian Askheric, Lord Drathel of Lentris."

    Ninrath raised an eyebrow, amused by the Drow Lord's manner, "Are you honestly bargaining with me, Lord Sevethian?"

    Sevethian smiled back, "Yes, Lord Ninrath, I am."

    "Very well then, impress me," Ninrath challenged.

    Sevethian looked the Dark God over carefully, judging his manner and bearing, "Well, what do You want?"

    Ninrath threw back his head, laughing, "Excuse me? What I want you can't give me, little mortal. You don't have that much power, even for a Drow Lord."

    Sevethian shrugged, "Maybe I do, and maybe I don't. Tell me any way, Milord."

    Ninrath's eyes narrowed, his demeanor suddenly serious. "Very well, that one's furry hide on my floor as a rug," nodding towards where Walrin sat on his throne.

    Sevethian turned to study the individual Ninrath indicated, "And that is?"

    "That my dear Drow Lord is Walrin, the Lord of Evil and Chaos. The one you were originally going to petition."

    "Ah...," Sevethian chewed on his lip, quickly gathering his thoughts. "Why haven't you challenged him before?"

    Ninrath kept his face passive, "I am a young Demi God. I would like to live to be at least an old Demi God, if not an old God."

    Sevethian nodded his head in this cautious acknowledgement. "At least you are wise enough to know your limits. You are a god, so you at least have power. Do you have followers?" he inquired.

    "A few," Ninrath hedged. "I am not completely without resources as the Demi God of Chaos," he replied a little insulted.

    Sevethian raised his hands in appeasement, "I meant no offense, Milord. Does this include an army?"

    Ninrath laughed, "My brother and his Demi control the armies. Well most of them any way."

    "And the other armies?" Sevethian inquired

    Ninrath snorted derisively, "There are six Gods of War in our world, Mortal. I don't see any of them, even the Lords of Slaughter letting me near any armies they control."

    "Ah," Sevethian replied. "What of those that sell their weapons as a way of life? Do they belong to the Gods of War?"

    Ninrath straightened up, turning to face the Drow Lord. "You have my full undivided attention, Lord Drathel, continue."

    Sevethian laughed softly, "At least you aren't calling me Mortal any more. Seriously pay an individual enough and they will do whatever you want. Even a God."

    Ninrath threw back his head, laughing. He slapped Sevethian on the back hard enough to almost knock him over. "Now you have impressed me, Sevethian. Not many mortals would refer to Gods in such a manner. Come let us leave these fools to their fawning and groveling and discuss business like gentlemen."

    Sevethian chuckled, waving towards the double doors of the Hall, "After you, Milord Ninrath."


    Ninrath lead his guest to his chambers. "So, what exactly is this birthright you wish to acquire?"

    Sevethian shrugged, "My place as King of Lentris."

    Ninrath paused, at the door to his chambers, "that's some birthright."

    "Yes, it is. Orayssion, the current King of Lentris and High Lord of the Drow Lords is more interested in destroying the Drow Lords who follow him, than in actually working with them. My father and grandfather are his latest victims. So here I am a Drow Lord with nothing to show for it.."

    "At least you are being honest with me, Sevethian." Ninrath opened the door to his chambers.

    Sevethian followed him into the room. "That's all I have left, Milord. My honesty and pride."

    Ninrath waved him to one of the more comfortable chairs in the room, before pouring drinks for himself and his guest.

    Sevethian looked around the modest surroundings of the room. He took in the muted colors of the chambers and the simple elegance of the furniture. "Not what I was expecting."

    "Oh?" Ninrath inquired, eyebrow raised, as he handed Sevethian a glass of wine.

    "Thank you," Sevethian took a small sip from his glass. "Yes, I was expecting something a bit more decadent. You are a God of Evil, after all."

    Ninrath  looked around his chambers, assessing his surroundings. "I like things simple."

    Sevethian chuckled, "Milord, there is simple and then there is simple. This on the other hand is almost on the level of what I would expect from a follower of the Light Gods chambers," he waved his hand around the room. "I am not saying you should go for grand or opulent, but a little touch of indulgence would create a more fitting atmosphere for a Lord of Evil, especially one of your station."

    "First you offer me an army, and now it's advice of a steward," Ninrath grinned amused by the audacity of this Drow Lord. "What else will you offer me, my dear Drow Lord?"
Sevethian sat up straighter in his chair, aware of his surroundings and situation, "I do not mean to offend, Milord," he offered diffidently.

    Ninrath laughed, "Hah..., Seriously though, surprisingly enough I am not offended. I find your honesty refreshing. What other tricks do you offer me?"

    Sevethian shook his head in amusement, "I take it I am still supposed to be impressing you?"

    Ninrath just spread his hands in amused acknowledgment.

    Sevethian sat there lost in thought for a few moments, "Well then..., I gave you honesty, so all that's left is pride." He finished his drink, then very carefully placed the glass on the small table next to his chair. "Let's do this properly, shall we?"

    Ninrath raised an eyebrow in inquiry.

    Sevethian stood up slowly, straightening the front of his tunic . He gracefully dropped to his knee in front of Ninrath. "Lord Ninrath, I offer myself to you to serve you to the best of my abilities in whatever manner you wish. Me and Mine are yours to do with as you please..."

    Ninrath looked down at his newest servant, blinking in pleased astonishment, "Well, I wanted to be impressed."



    "And the next thing I know, I had a household," Ninrath chuckled.

    Solarin laughed, "My poor big brother, your Drow Lord has turned everything upside down on you. How appropriately chaotic."

    Ninrath flopped down backwards on the pile of cushions, he was sitting on. "Tell me about it. What's really messed up is that I like it. He is a wonder. I have learned more about Mortal Life from him in just these few short months, than all the visits I've made to the Mortal Plain. He's even devised an identity for me to wander the Mortal Plain."

    Solarin raised an eyebrow in inquiry.

    "I can't very well raise an army as Ninrath Dorain, now can I? Our little brother would have my hide so fast it wasn't funny," Ninrath explained.

    Solarin shook her head, "You could always ask him, you know? He's not too terribly fond of Walrin either."

    "And cause a rift in the spheres? Risk a God War?" Ninrath sat up to look at his sister, "No my dear Lady Justice, I am not that foolish. If I am going to challenge Walrin, it will be done properly and within the rules. Let us Evil Gods fight it out little sister. You concentrate on making sure the innocents don't become victims of our disagreements."

    Solarin sighed, touching her brother's cheek, "Very well. We will play this out as you wish. Has Walrin realized what He has created?"


    Solarin shook her head, "Ninrath, you are a Gods Slayer. If you wished, you could kill us."

    "And I won't," he responded firmly. "I am not a God of Destruction, little sister. Or a God of Slaughter. Chaos doesn't always mean the end of things. I get as much of a charge from the Chaos of a battlefield as I do from the fool hell bent on proving his love to a girl. I can do anything with it."

    "Ah," Solarin sat up on her cushion watching her brother. "You do realize that out of all our siblings I understand you the least, and yet we are so similar. It's a little disturbing sometimes."

    Ninrath chuckled, "Ah but I do understand you, little sister. You bring Justice to those that have committed great wrongs. It drives you like nothing else does. Even to the point where you refuse to take a lover, because it will distract you. As for me, I am not all that hard to figure out. I want to be an old God of Evil. Some one that mortals honor and respect, not out of fear, but because it's by their own choice to do so." He stretched, "Some days being Evil is not all it's made out to be."

    Solarin shook her head, she wasn't sure how to deal with her brother in this mood. She had been a little surprised when he had asked her to share dinner in his chambers but now she was finding it rather refreshing. "So what does your Drow Lord have in store for you now?"

    Ninrath chuckled amused, "He wishes to introduce me to his daughter. He tells me that she's charming and devoted to his cause to remove his king from the throne."

    Solarin shook her head again, "On Ninrath, be cautious of that road. You have a very devoted Hell Queen, that would do anything for you. Don't alienate Elethya in your ambition to remove Walrin from his place as God of Chaos. There are those that would take advantage of that alienation and then where would you be? Mortals are wonderful to play with from time to time, but once you start courting them, they can warp you even more than your little games of Chaos."

    Ninrath hesitated as minute, for the first time unsure of his plans and ambitions.

    Solarin took advantage of that hesitation to press home her argument. "I've watched those at your court, big brother. If you show one moment of neglect to Elethya, you have a rival that will snatch her up, because he is devoted to her almost as much as she is devoted to you. And you might not like what happens the next time you see Elethya."

    Ninrath's eyes narrowed, "Meaning?"

    "Meaning, that Scirnal wants Elethya, and if you pursue this drow girl, you might just lose her to him. Even I can see how much you love her, Ninrath. Don't throw that away in your ambition."

    "Ah," Ninrath replied. "I guess I had better factor that into my plans then so that I don't lose her."

    Solarin nodded, "That would be prudent."


    Elethya gave a sigh of contentment, as Ninrath brought the brush gently through her hair. "You are spoiling me."

    Ninrath chuckled, "Of course."

    She turned to face him, "Why?"

    Ninrath looked into her startling blue eyes, lost in the wonder of her love, "Because I can."

    She smiled, brushing back his hair from his face, "Liar."

    He chuckled, "Remember, I'm trying not to do that any more."

    "Then tell me the other reason why you are spoiling me," she chided him gently.

    Ninrath shifted uncomfortably, under her gaze. He glanced down at the brush in his hand. "Letha, I...I don't want to lose you," he whispered softly.

    The Queen of Hell blink, startled by this statement. "Excuse me? Why would you lose me? What makes you think that you could do anything to ever make me leave you? We've been together for a very long time, Ninrath. I love you." She hesitated, then softly whispered "Don't you love me any more?"

    Ninrath gently touched her cheek, "Oh my darling Queen, of course I do. But at the same time, if we succeed in taking down Walrin, you know that they won't let us be together? Can you imagine the havoc that will be caused to remove us from power? You can't unite Hell and Chaos, my darling. It's too dangerous."

    "Even I, who wants us to be together, am disturbed by the thought of having that much power at my disposal," Ninrath admitted.  "I want don't want to lose you to my ambitions, my love," he whispered.

    "And you won't," she responded.

    "And in order to do this, we can't be together any more.  You know that, right?" he pleaded.  "Elethya, the Balances can't let us be together."

    Elethya looked down, dismayed by what Ninrath was telling her.  She knew that what he said was true, but she wanted to deny it.  But in her heart she couldn't.  "What do you want us to do, my love?"

    Ninrath smiled faintly, "Let me go, and I will let you go to one that loves you as much as I do.  Let me go so that I can do what needs to be done to take down Walrin and his allies."

    "And what do you have to do?" she demanded.

    "Create an army."  He smiled faintly, "I'm trying to stick to this code you've encouraged me to create.  And one of the elements of that code is to not cheat."

    "Ah," Elethya laughed softly, amused.  "You want to play with your Drow Lord and hi daughter.  She's pretty, Ninrath."  The Hell Queen leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips.  "Very well, you may play with your drow lord, and I will do my best by you as always."  She paused to look at him, "Some one else loves me?  Who?"

    "Why Scirnal of course?"

    Elethya's eyes went wide, "Slaughter, Nazeth's brother?  He loves me?"

    Ninrath just burst out laughing, "Oh woman!"  He stood up and walked across the room, " You are impossible, sometimes."


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