Histories of Saivryth

Over the years people have chronicled various stories, legends and saga's of Saivryth, you can find some of them here.  There are stories presented by Ilvoren Dyjorshen, Royal Bard at the Court of Cerdrinal, Kingdom of Merdressa Maltrees and her daughter Myshalla Shalnar.  As well as maps from the travels of Lady Sasha Tiroth Torkivien and Lady Sirella DeMae

Maps of Saivryth from the collections of Sirella DeMae and Sasha Tiroth Torkivien
Altoren Continent The Inland Sea Kintaris Continent Lhorvien Continent

Tolnia Continent Trisel Continent Velias Continent  


Lady Kyrie's Hordeling Family Tree

Chronicles of Ilvoren Dyjorshen, Royal Bard of the Court of Cerdrinal
Saga of Lady Merdressa Something Lurks
Musings of a Hordeling Veirka's Story
The Squire Tales Rise of Ninrath Dorain