Name : Myssara Dorain
Race/Sex : Hordeling - Female
Alignment : Neutral
Classes : Scholar
Homeland : Safe Haven
Marital Status : Married
Spouse : Whren Kesslyn
Eyes : Dark Brown
Hair : Brown
Height/Weight : 5' 9"
Age :  
Children :  
God Borgrund Alshalla, God of Knowledge

Champion of Borgrund Alshalla, God of Knowledge

Baroness of Litharith


Children : Mykas/Myrras
Sister : Dinahla Dorain (twin)
Father : Ninrath Dorain
Mother : Rose Kaina Prynni



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Strength     Fortitude  
Dexterity     Reflex  
Constitution     Will  
Intelligence     Initiative  
Wisdom     Armor Class  
Charisma     Melee Attack  
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One of the many daughters of Ninrath Dorain, God of Chaos and his lady Kaina Rose Prynni. Myssara is a Hordeling, which is a term used to describe a child born of Ninrath and his many ladies over the years of his life. She is a dark haired, dark eyed young woman with a half elven cast to her features, on her back is a pair of dove grey wings. Her twin sister is Dinahla Dorain.

Due to her love of learning and knowledge, Borgrund, the God of Knowledge, who is also her grandfather took her on as one of his followers and finally as his champion. She rather enjoyed her travels until she encountered a gentleman by the name of Ilorin, who took a liking to her. He thought he could have some fun and used her in a bet on a card game he was in and when she found out she broke a mug of ale over his head and broke things off with him. Eventually she took up residence in Tressel, the capital city in Balvion. While there she encountered a young half elf named Whren Kesslyn, he was a wandering Judge and Conjuror making his way in the world.

Eventually, she and Whren became a couple and started a life together. Much to Myssara's dismay and annoyance it turned out that Ilorin had used her again as a marker in one of his numerous card games and this time had lost the marker to a member of the Whoremaster's Guild. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond their control, Whren was forced to judge her and had to find in the favor of the Whoremaster's Guild.

Devastated, Whren went back to his life as a judge, while Myssara went to stay with the Whoremaster's guild. She proved her worth to them by going over their accounting books and found several large financial mistakes and brought those mistakes to the local guild lord. He decided it was better to have her taking care of his records than his customers. Ninrath took some steps and paid off Myssara's debt freeing her from the Guild.

Soon, Myssara was reunited with Whren and they paired off as a loving couple. Unfortunately, Drahydas wasn't done with them and proceeded to make their lives difficult. He decided that he wanted her for himself and kidnapped her from the house that she and Whren were living in. Much to Whren's horror, it turned out that Drahydas was a Vampire and he had attempted to turn Myssara. With the help of her brothers, Rhoryn and Khoral, as well as her cousin Vriska, Whren was able to rescue her. But because she was pregnant with their first pair of twins, Myssara's sister Krissin and her husband Delvin, had to accelerate the pregnancy before they could cure her of what Drahydas had done to her.

While Myssara and Whren were settling in to a life with children, Whren's Sister Rissa, had been traveling with a Priest of Hope named Lihrarryn. They found a village named Dhallun, that requested help in dealing with an issue involving a young bandit named Gisen and the daughter of the village leader. Rissa, seeing that this was a matter for Judgment, requested that Whren and Myssara come handle the situation. Once they arrived, Whren judged Gisen not guilty of his crimes and the mayor allowed his daughter to marry her bandit.

Myssara and Whren decided to settle down in Dhallun and raise their children there. By this time, they had finally been married off in a rather large wedding ceremony, that Ninrath had arranged during the Harvest Festival time. While their life together was slowly settling down, their life in Dhallun was anything but settled. Gisen's sister arrived to find her brother, as it turned out that Noble Gisen had escaped from was working with slavers and she wanted help to save her village.