Name : Whren Kesslyn
Race/Sex : Half Elf - Male
Alignment : Neutral Good
Classes : Conjuror/Judge
Homeland : Safe Haven
Marital Status : Married
Spouse : Myssara Dorain
Eyes : Brown
Hair : Brown
Height/Weight : 5'8"
Age :  
Children :  
God Jayhdas Desrell, God of Judgment


Baronet of Litharith

Champion of Jayhdas Desrell, God of Judgment


Children : Mykas/Myrras
Siblings Rissa Kesslyn

Meia Kesslyn

Jerryan Kesslyn

Father : Noran Kesslyn
Mother : Lera Khinar


The son of an adventuring Mage and an Inn Keeper, Whren is the second born of four children. At a young age he developed the mage talents of a Conjurer. He also became fascinated with laws and became a follower of Jayhdas, God of Judgment. Tragically, when he was forced to declare judgment against a young lady that he was involved with, he developed a split personality, that separated his Judging Ability into it's on personality. This personality is known as The Judge and comes about when Whren performs his judgment duties. Heartbroken, Whren decided to travel and see what was outside in the world. It was during his travels that he made his way to Tressel, the capital city of the Kingdom Balvion. While he was there he met Myssara Dorain, one of the Daughters of Ninrath Dorain, God of Chaos. They formed an attachment but were not able to fully act on it as, Whren was placed in a position to pronounce judgment against Myssara, handing her over to the Whoremaster's Guild. It didn't take long for Myssara to pay off her debt by going over the financial books belonging to the Guild and finding several errors in the accounts.

Once the couple were reunited, Whren and Myssara settled down in their life together. When Myssara was pregnant with their first pair of twins, she was kidnapped by a vampire who tried to turn her. To save her and the twins, Krissin, Myssara's elder sister and champion of Nieve, Goddess of Healing had to accelerate the pregnancy, and then removed the taint from the Vampire. Now the father of twins, Whren decided that they needed to leave their home and with Myssara took up residence in the local Temple of Judgment. There he met and became friends with an Elven Priest of Judgment named Khelis Fetiris. Eventually, through the machinations of Myssara's father Ninrath, Whren and Myssara were married.

Whren received word from his sister Rissa, who was a priestess of Peace that his services were required in a matter of judgment in a small town called Dhallun. With Myssara and their twins, Mykas and Myrras, Whren travelled to Dhallun. Once there, he pronounced judgment on a local brigand named Gisen Tahtras. He found Gisen not guilty of the charges of banditry. The local towns folk were happy with his judgment and asked that he and Myssara take up residence in the town.

After they had settled down in Dhallun, an elven prince by the name of Nairyck Shalnar arrived and offered to transform the small town into a flourishing Kingdom named Safe Haven. It was Nairyck's dream to create a realm where those of Gods Blood were free to live their lives. Whren and Myssara were more than willing to help Nairyck achieve his dream. By this time they had a second set of twins, two daughters Aerys and Veirka. Aerys instantly developed an attachment to the elven prince and it was agreed that when she became of age, she would become his wife and queen.

Whren and Myssara spent many years content in their lives in Dhallun, which is now known as Safe Haven. Jayhdas, God of Judgment took an interest in Whren and the Judge and offered Whren the chance to become his champion. .

After many years of service, Nairyck wanted to show his appreciation of his Father in law and Mother in law and created the court title of Baronet and Baroness of Litharith for them.