Saivryth Guilds

Here is a list of various Guilds in Saivryth, a person can take ranks in Knowledge: Guilds to see how much of the various guilds they know about.


Acater Guild

The Acater Guild represents any and all that deal in the production of Food or Livestock

Brewer Butcher Falconer
Farmer Farrier Fisher Monger
Forester Hunter Osler
Poulter Thresher Vintner


Crafter Guild

The Crafter Guilds deal in items that are made for every day life

Architect Chandler Cooper
Engraver Foundry Seamstress/Tailor
Glass Blower Joiner Leatherman
Miner Pastrycook Potter
Shipwright Stone Mason Thatcher
Tinker Weaver Wheelwright


Chancery Guild

The Chancery Guild provides Judges, Bards, and Records Keepers

Artisan Astrologer Bard
Barrister Bookbinder Calligrapher
Cartographer Clerk Hayward
Illuminator Judge Limner
Parchmenter Scrivener Tutor


Merchant Guild

The Merchant Guild trades in the buying and selling of goods, including transportation of goods to market

Boothman/Grain Merchant Caravanserai Clothier
Coiner/Money Lender Grocer Jewel Merchant
Livestock Merchant Sea Merchant Spice Merchant


Healer Guild

The Healers Guild provides medicines and those that use them

Apothecary Barber-Chirurgeon Healer
Herbalist Midwife Physician


Mage Guild

The Mage Guild is the Schools of Magic that deal in Arcane Knowledge, as well as regular Scholars

Alchemist Archmage Court Mage
Mage Smith Magician Illusionist
Scholar Sorcerery Wizardry


Rogues Guild

Assassins Pirate Slavery*
Spymaster Thieves Whoremaster**


Mercenary Guild

The Merc Guild represents those that make their living by a contracted agreement

Battle Mage Combat Mage Guardsman
Guide/Scout Mercenary Clerics Mercenary Healers
Mercenary Mage Mercenary Paladins Sea Farers
Sell Swords Weapons Smith  

*The Slaver's Guild on Saivryth is mostly controlled by Serin, the Goddess of Despair and Ivren the God of Greed.  Due to recent changes in the Mercenary Guild, Serin, Goddess of Despair had to convince the Dark Gods who practice slavery to adopt a code for those that live by Slavery.  For the most part the gods have agreed to live by those laws, the most pertinent being that while there are no acknowledged raids for slaves, an individual may voluntarily agree to a life of Slavery. Another addition to the Slaver Laws includes the clause that once a person is a slave they may never be given their freedom, unless there are special circumstances permitted by their owner.

**The Whoremaster's Guild is controlled by the Gods of Lust, Lyrys and Anelsis.  It is actually split evenly down the middle between them, with Anelsis taking any of those in the guild that are participating for pure pleasure.  These are commonly referred too as the Ladies of Pleasure.


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