The Mercenary Guild

While there have always been those that sell their swords to make a living on Saivryth, the Mercenary Guild was created to protect the interests of those that live and die by their swords.  About 6,000 years ago a wandering Sell Sword by the name of Rannith Dorain, banded together a group of Fighters that would eventually form into what is now known as the Mercenary Guild.  The fighters under Rannith created the first Mercenary Company, which consisted of a Captain leading a bunch of Freelance Sell Swords into battle with a clear contract of what was expected of the fighters.  Over the years the Merc Companies have grown, and with them so has the Mercenary Guild.  At one point the Guild was an off shoot of the Slavers Guild, but as the need for fighting companies grew the control of the Slaver Guild on the Merc Companies lessened.

As the Merc Guild expanded, there was a hierarchy that was created to police the contracts offered to the companies.  A three body organization, known as the Guild Lords took command of the Guild.  Any and all contracts for any of the companies was presented to the Guild Lords and they appointed a Guild Contract Negotiator or Guild Representative to finalize any contract details that a Merc Company might need.  Eventually the Merc Guild fell under the jurisdiction of the Gods of War, Battle and Slaughter.

The Merc Guild finally found a permanent home in the Kingdom of Safe Haven, when King Nairyck Shalnar offered the Guild a safe harbor for any of the Guild Companies that wanted a permanent base of operations.  Through the good graces of King Nairyck, the Guild was able to establish a main training hall for those that wish to learn weapons and battle tactics in Safe Haven.  The Main Guild Hall that the Guild Lords and the Guild Contract Negotiator do business in is located in Dhallun, the capital of Nairyck's kingdom of Safe Haven.  The only stipulation Nairyck requested was that if Safe Haven ever needed an army the companies would provide any military support Safe Haven needed and at that time are answerable to Safe Haven's Lord Marshall.  Due to this stipulation, Illystrin has extended her patronage to include Safe Haven itself.

At the time that the Guild started to gain in respectability, the Demi Gate Keeper, Illystrin Ornalithan took an interest in the Merc Guild and claimed it as her own.  She provided Priests, and Paladins to the Mercenary Ranks.  She also gained control of any Pit Fighters that wished to leave the Gladiator Pits belonging to the Slavers Guild.  Because of Illystrin's patronage as the Mercenary Goddess, the Guild has adapted it's Hierarchy to include Illystrin's Champion, High Priestess/First Priestess and First Paladin into Leadership roles.  As the reorganization of the Guild progressed, Illystrin suggested that the Guild appoint three Guild Captains as Battle Lords to handle engagements on the Battlefield that involve multiple companies.

The Current Guild Councilors are:

Duke Jethron Ryzellic

Duke Lherys Tahlth

Duke Urinch DeMae

Illystrin's Champion Elyn Thalsan

High Priestess/First Priestess Karly Venator

First Paladin Serris Altana


The Current Battle Lords are:

Captain Keric Dorsis

Captain Rhennin Askeric

Captain Khorryn Prynni


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