I have here a basic list of the various Character Classes and their spell lists if they have access to magic.  If any one is interested in a break down of the various Guilds  you can reach that page here...   There is also a page that gives Character History options for the background of your character.  I have a list of Skills that can be used for your character.  I also have found a couple of sites if any one is interested in background ideas on medieval lifestyles, some of which I will be incorporating into my Guild Page, as I figure it out...

Medieval Life

List of Medieval Professions

Healer Classes

Spellcaster Classes

Rogue Classes

Warrior Classes

Character Classes

Spell lists for :
Arcane Fighter Mage Smith
Arch Mage Mage
Bard Minor Mage
Battle Mage Paladin
Champion Priest
Combat Mage Ranger
Conjurer Seer
Druid Cleric Shaman
Druid Mage Sorcerer
Caravanseri Cantrips Witch
Healer Wizard


Healer Classes

 Healers are broken down into three different types.  The first is your straight out normal Healer who refuses to do any harm to any person or creature.  They are pretty much totally incapable of doing damage, either physically, mentally or emotionally to someone.  The second type is a Merc Healer.  They tend to travel with the Mercenary companies.  They feel that if they are trained to heal, they are also trained to kill and as such have been known on occasion to kill as cleanly as any assassin if the situation warrants it.  The last type of healer is a Mind Healer, and these are very rare.  They are trained in the abilities of healing mental and emotional damage to an individual.



Merc Healer

Mind Healer

Druid Priest - This is the Priest half of the Druid Class.  Druid Priests are the priests for the various Nature Goddesses and Demi Goddesses.

Priest -  This is your straight forward priest class.  There are a total of 210 gods and goddesses, including the Elementals.  They are broken down between Good, Evil and Neutral. 


Spell Caster Classes


Archmage - An Archmage can pretty much use any magic but the catch is in order to learn to be an Arch Mage, you can only be taught theory.  After that, your master sends you out into the world to find yourself and your magic.  They can be taught by anyone who has magic ability, not just another Archmage, because they are only taught Theory. 
If an Archmage is taught by another Archmage, the master Archmage can then control the apprentice Archmage.  There are only two ways to get out of an apprenticeship to another Archmage. Either your master lets you go, or you apply to the Archmage Council and they let you out of your apprenticeship. 
Archmages are considered a myth, and only 37 can exist at one time.  All Archmages belong exclusively to Lashanna, Goddess of Magic.  The class is alignment specific, in that any of the evil alignments are not permitted.  If an archmage should fall, turning evil in any way, the Goddess of Hatred, Charinna steal them from Lashanna.  This is due to the long standing war, between Lashanna and the sphere of Hatred.  Here is a list of the Archmage Council and all known Archmages

 Battle Mage - Battle Mages are on the front line with the Warrior Classes in battle.  They use strictly magic, no weapons.

 Combat Mage - Combat Mages combine magic with weapons in battle and like Battle Mages are on the front line with the Warrior Classes in battle.


Druid Mage - This is the Mage half of the Druid Class, with the spells being nature based.

Caravanseri - the vagabond tribes, nomades, wanders and tinkers that go from place to place, enduring the harsh wilds of the world to peddle their wares, and entertain all with their shows of grace, guile, and charisma.

Mage - Basic Mage Class

Mage Smith - A Mage Smith makes and forges weapons and magic items

Minor Mage - minor earth and cantrip-like magicks.  The biggest aspect of a Minor Mage is how you become one.  Either you are born one, or you are in a close enough relationship with one, that you become one.  A minor mage who isn't born as one...must have absolutely no magic potential at all.

Minor Mage



Sovereign Mage



Rogue Classes








Warrior Classes

Martial Arcanist - Fighter with a touch of Magic


Cavalier - Cavaliers are fighters who specifically serve a god or goddess.   The biggest difference between a Paladin and a Cavalier is that Paladins are blessed with spells from their god or goddess.


Feral Warrior - Fighter serving the Gods and Goddesses of Nature

Freelance Fighter - Basic Warrior Class

Mercenary - The difference between a Freelance Fighter and a Mercenary is that a Mercenary is a member of the Mercenary Guild.  The Guild regulates and promotes contracts for a Mercenary.  Mercenaries can also be Paladins, Healers, Priests, and Mages.  The Guild is based out of the Kingdom of Safe Haven.  It is ruled by Council, which has 3 member Lords.  They receive the contracts and pass them on to Lady Trysha, who negotiates an appropriate payment and contract for the mercenary in question.  The Mercenaries serve Illystrin, the Demi Gate Keeper, who is their chosen Goddess.  There are 3 Battle Lords in charge of all the mercenaries when they are out on any campaign.  Lady Trysha shares responsibility for the mercenaries with Illystrin's High Priestess Karly Venator and Illystrin's First Paladin, Lady Serris Prynni.
Mystic Monk

Paladin - Fighter Priests of the Gods and Goddesses.

Pit Fighter


Ranger - Rangers are the Paladins, devoted to the Gods and Goddesses of Nature.

Royal Knight


Sword Dancer